March for Mental Health Services
Friday 25th of May, 6pm

Come along and bring your voices and banners to tell the University that we will not stand silent any longer.

This is a peaceful demonstration with the aim of improving the University of Bristol's Mental Health and Wellbeing services in the wake of the tragedy of the recent student deaths. We want to remember the lives of those who have suffered so much and improve the service for those who are still vulnerable.

We'd like to encourage more safe, open discussion of what would benefit the community. The staff working in the mental health services are dedicated people who are trying to help the crisis, but the University need to see how much the students feel the management of resources can still be improved.

ASSEMBLE: Wills Memorial Building - 6pm
MARCH: 6.30pm
FINISH: Senate House - 7pm

Bring everyone you know, from your friends to your Wardens and lecturers, to let the University know that enough is enough. Please invite and share widely!


We believe that the proposed changes are dangerous for new students...

Just before Christmas, Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS) at the University of Bristol announced sweeping changes to way Halls of Residence will be operated. These include:
- The abolition of Wardens, Deputy Wardens, SSAs, and SRs
- Abolition of JCRs as they are today
- Major reduction in staff
No mental health training required or provided for most staff

The University Deputy Registrar is on record saying that these staff cannot be thought of as "professional" due to lack of training.

We feel that these changes will put incoming Bristol students at high risk during their first year, and, with the abolition of JCRs and dedicated hall staff, community life in halls will seem impersonal, isolated, and lonely. That is not what halls were for us, and we cannot let them become like that for others.


(The University of Bristol has already published this document. This is a copy of said document.)

We need your help to let the university know that these changes cannot stand!
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Because all students deserve a hall community for advice, protection, and support.

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